What does this internationally accredited course cover?

Included in This Course

  • Instructor-Narrated Video for Each Module

  • Interactive Green Belt Workbook

  • Personalized Green Belt Certification

  • Over 40 Downloadable Excel Templates

  • 50 One-Page, Easy-Reference "One-Point Lessons"

Included in This Course

Narrated Videos, Excel Templates, One-Point Lessons


  • What is required for the certification?

    An accredited Cannsult Green Belt Certification requires you to
    1) go through all modules
    2) pass all quizzes and exams - 70%
    3) Coaching with Cannsult available 24/7 for student and individual support and ongoing mentoring

  • How do skills demonstrations work?

    Cannsult certifications ensure competence. We have virtual Master Black Belt coaches available 27/4 for support - should you need it. By going to www.cannsult.org, you will see the "Coaching with Cannsult" icon. We highly recommend that you book at least one session with our qualified mentors to ensure your knowledge is satisfactory, and to assist in preparing for the final exam.

  • Can I get my Green Belt without a project or skills demonstrations?

    Yes. By completing all modules and passing all quizzes and the final exam, you will automatically receive a "Certificate of Accreditation". In order to receive your official "Green Belt Certification" you will need to have a project that you can utilize to experiment and practice the relevant tools.

Meet Your Instructors

Instructor Clare DiFrisco

Clare is a leader, coach and facilitator of successful growth in complex and fast-paced environments. A hands-on practitioner, Clare specializes in partnering with organizations to rapidly organize and execute ambitious initiatives to overcome large obstacles and to realize significant improvements.She naturally gravitates to organization of clutter and can be found on weekends collecting bits of plastic from beaches and alphabetizing the $5 DVD bin at Walmart.

Instructor Riaan du Plooy

Riaan is a dynamic leader, coach, facilitator, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over 20 years of hands-on experience driving business results. Riaan is highly skilled and has worked across diverse industries internationally. With a degree in Chemical Engineering, Riaan started in the major breweries and bakeries in South Africa and was so dedicated to his work that he was often known to take his work home with him.

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