Courses That Mean Competence

With the huge variety of online courses available, our mission is to stand out among the crowd as producing competent and confident professionals

  • No simplified cartoons here, we use real-life examples and dive into case studies from our experienced business consultants

  • Our constantly updated materials break the trend the copy/pasted slides, the old manufacturing examples and the stale and mis-matched templates from 30+ years ago

  • Downloadable excel templates and one-point lessons make for a collection of easy references throughout your professional career

Cannsult Online Training

We whole-heartedly believe in achieving sustainable results for our students. Whether it's creating real, positive change for your entire organization, establishing yourself as a key-part of a team, or advancing your career options, our sole mission is to have you attain true competence in our many business improvement methods.

  • Self-Paced

    All of our courses are 100% self-paced with narrated video from our Master Black Belts, and downloadable access to all templates, workbooks, and one-point lessons

  • Supporting Materials

    Access to interactive workbooks, templates, and one-point lessons lay focus on practical learning instead of just simplified theory

  • Live Support

    Live virtual coaching from our exceptional coaching staff gets you through any topics you may struggle with throughout your course

Meet Your Instructors

Instructor Clare DiFrisco

Clare is a leader, coach and facilitator of successful growth in complex and fast-paced environments. A hands-on practitioner, Clare specializes in partnering with organizations to rapidly organize and execute ambitious initiatives to overcome large obstacles and to realize significant improvements.She naturally gravitates to organization of clutter and can be found on weekends collecting bits of plastic from beaches and alphabetizing the $5 DVD bin at Walmart.

Instructor Riaan du Plooy

Riaan is a dynamic leader, coach, facilitator, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over 20 years of hands-on experience driving business results. Riaan is highly skilled and has worked across diverse industries internationally. With a degree in Chemical Engineering, Riaan started in the major breweries and bakeries in South Africa and was so dedicated to his work that he was often known to take his work home with him.

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